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The Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM templates facilitate easy data integration between the most commonly used modules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP using SmartConnect.  They provide an easy to install and ready to use Dynamics CRM to Dynamics GP integration option allowing Dynamics CRM users to integrate data between Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM as a one time bulk import as well as set up real-time or scheduled maps to keep both systems in sync.  Several end points have maps sending data both directions, such as items or accounts.  This allows.  Each map can be used as-is or can be used as a great starting point to customize further.  The provided maps integrate to:

  • Account
  • Address
  • Currency
  • Invoice
  • Items
  • Orders
  • Payment Terms
  • PriceLevels
  • Price Lists
  • Ship Methods
  • Sales Territories
  • Sales people
  • Units of Measure
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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