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Integrate Zendesk and Dynamics CRM using a combination of bulk and scheduled processes to keep your Dynamics CRM and Zendesk data in sync.  The templates are a two-way integration solution, allowing data to flow in both directions between the two systems. Decide which components of each system should be synced with the other using the provided integration maps. The integration includes processes that will sync up the following record types:

  • Zendesk Users and Dynamics CRM Contacts
  • Zendesk Organizations and Dynamics CRM Accounts
  • Zendesk Tickets and Dynamics CRM Cases

The maps can be used as downloaded, as a starting point to customize further, or by showing techniques on how to get SmartConnect to interact with Zendesk.  The maps make use of several key Zendesk features such as:

  • Run integrations involving more than 100 records, the max that the Zendesk API will allow in a single call
  • Run incremental integrations, which allow only processing records after a specific time
  • Run integrations that use custom fields added into Zendesk

The solution includes a set of minor customizations to both 365 Sales and Zendesk. The customizations allow the unique ID from each system to be stored in the other one in order to ensure that data isn’t duplicated or missed when integrating the two systems together.

These templates do require that the latest version of the Zendesk Connection is installed and setup within SmartConnect. The Zendesk Connection is included in the download file with these templates, and additional information about the connection can be found on its dedicated overview page.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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