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eOne Solutions will help you deploy the Sales Order Excel Template for Dynamics GP. Our goal is to help your team get setup and using the Excel template quickly and efficiently.

The Sales Order Excel Template provides an interface within Excel that pulls down appropriate information from your Dynamics GP environment – customers, products, currencies, locations, etc. – and allows entry of a multi-line sales order with data validation built right in.

This Excel template is powered by SmartConnect on-premise, which gives your team full integration capabilities with not only Dynamics GP, but also any other connection that is setup within SmartConnect on-premise.

This eOne service offering includes:

  • Deployment of the Excel template on a workstation.
  • Connecting SQL queries within the template to the appropriate Dynamics GP tenant.
  • Configuration of the purchase order integration within SmartConnect on-premise.
  • 1-hour training covering the sales order Excel template.

When complete, your team will have a configured sales order Excel template that can be easily copied and deployed to other workstations.

Additional customization of the templates – creating additional fields, changing the logic processes, modifying the underlying integration, etc. – are not within the scope of this offering. The eOne Solutions services team would be able to define any additional requirements as an add-on to this offering.

*An on-premise SmartConnect environment is required.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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