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Using OneDrive as a Data Source

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Using OneDrive as a Data Source


Setup a OneDrive Folder Data Source Integration.  

Note: OneDrive is only available as a folder data source. 

1. In SmartConnect navigate to Data Sources > Bulk Sources > Folder. 

2. On the Folder Data Sources window select “Create Bulk Folder”. 

3. On the New Folder Data Source screen, select the data source file type. 

4. Description – Friendly description for the data source. 

5. File Selection – choose “Load from OneDrive connection”. 

6. Template File Details tab. 

  • File Type – read-only view of file type of data source. 
  • Template File – Select a sample source file with same column headers and data types as files from OneDrive folder. 
  • Excel Sheet – Worksheet from Excel file to process. 

7. OneDrive Details tab. 

  • Graph Connection – Select a Graph Odata connection. 
  • Source Directory – Location where the files used for integration are stored. 
  • Success Directory – Files that are processed successfully are moved to this location. 
  • Fail Directory – Files that fail during processing are moved to this location. 
  • Empty File Action – Drop down list which indicates the action should be taken on empty files. 
    • Leave File – leave empty files in the Source Directory. 
    • Move File to Failure – move empty files to the Fail Directory. 
    • Move File to Success – move empty files to the Success Directory. 
  • Overwrite Files – If selected, files in the Fail and Success Directories will be overwritten. 
  • Append Date Time – If selected, SmartConnect will add the current date and time to files moved to the Fail and Success Directories.  

8. Click Validate. 

9. Click Preview to display a pop-up window with a sample of the data from the template spreadsheet. 

10. Click Save. 



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