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Setting up a Trello Connection

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Setting up a Trello Connection


Set Up a Trello Connection to enable Trello message notifications as a task in SmartConnect.

‍Setup in Trello

1. Navigate to to generate an integration key.

2. Click New.

3. New Power-Up or Integration – Friendly name for the integration key.

4. Workspace – Workspace SmartConnect will integrate into.

5. Iframe connector URL – Leave this blank.

6. Click Create.

7. Click Generate API key.

8. Select the API key tab.

  • API key – Save this value for later.
  • Token – Click Token to manually generate an API Token

*After Authorizing the app a token will be provided. Save this token somewhere safe.

Setup in SmartConnect

1. Login to if not already.

2. Navigate to Connections > Create Connection button.

3. Select Trello Odata from the list.

4. Description – Friendly description for the connection.

5. Logon Key – The API key saved from Trello.

6. Logon Token – The Token generated in Trello.

7. Click Validate.

8. Click Save.


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