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Determining Source Grouping

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Determining Source Grouping

  1. Under the Integration tab, click on the Source Grouping tab.
Source Grouping Tab

  1. The Name and Type fields will default.
  2. Function column – The user can choose a function to be applied to the data that will be grouped.
  • First – returns the first record from the source.
  • Last – returns the last record from the source.
  • Max – returns the record with the largest value.
  • Min – returns the record with the smallest value.
  • Sum – returns a sum of the column if it is numeric.
  • Concat – returns a string of all the values concatenated together. NOTE: Select the Concatenation Separator on the Options tab within the integration. This will separate each record by whatever separator was entered.
  1. Group by – Sets the grouping at the record/transaction level. This will normally be the unique identifier for master records, or the field(s) used to identify one transaction from another.

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