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Defining Remaining Options

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Defining Remaining Options

  1. Click on the Options tab.
Options Tab
  1. Integration Group
  • Select the Integration Group if needed. This can help with organizing Integrations.
  1. If No Data Returned from Data Source – The options in the dropdown list are:
  • Return map success
  • Return map failure
  1. If Blank Line in Data Source – The options in the dropdown list are:
  • Do nothing
  • Exclude data with blank key fields
  • Exclude line with all blank values
  1. Source Grouping Concatenation Separator
  • Enter the value that will be the separator when the Concat function used.
  1. Run Outputs to Keep
  • How many run outputs will be saved before they go away.
  1. Save Processing Errors
  • Check the checkbox if you want processing errors to be saved.
  • It will automatically keep the last 10 integration run errors.
  1. Save errors to System Events
  • Check if you want errors to be saved in System Events.
  1. Export Processing Errors as – The options in the dropdown list are:
  • Do Not Export
  • Save as CSV
  • Save as XML

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