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Empower your team to deliver your next helpdesk integration.

Connect Zendesk tickets, organizations and users with your existing systems using SmartConnect. 

With the SmartConnect integration platform, you’re covered with these scenarios and more.

  • Zendesk integrated with your CRM.
  • Zendesk integrated with your accounting system.
  • Zendesk integrated with your eCommerce.
  • Zendesk integrated with your proprietary or legacy system.

Your team will appreciate the time savings as you eliminate redundancies and give them insight to provide a better customer experience.  Your IT team will love that they can deliver their Zendesk integration on time, on budget, and handle their requirements.

SmartConnect simplifies integration delivery with:

Configurable Integration Setup

Easily select your connections and specify your integration process.


Trigger your integration to run when you need it – in bulk, on a schedule and pick up changes only, or real-time.

Integrations in Sequence

Run integrations in order, sequence or chain.

Alerts & Error Management

Send a notification to your team when something fails.  See what failed, and re-process records.

Event-based integrations

Call the integration to run based on a plug-in trigger in your CRM or call the SmartConnect API to run your pre-configured integration.


Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from Zendesk, so you can generate the data at the right time in the right place.​

  • Integrate as a source or destination with Organizations, Users, and Tickets endpoints – customize to connect to additional endpoints exposed in the Zendesk API.​
  • SmartConnect provides advanced filtering on Zendesk source data.​
  • Use Zendesk as a part of a multi-data source integration.​
  • Integrate with multiple Zendesk instances.​
  • Configure your integration when you want: manually, on a schedule, or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API.​

Connect All Your Business Apps

What can I integrate with Zendesk?

Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration

Connect to Salesforce as a source or destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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