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Facing challenges meeting demand and need WooCommerce integration? 

Start scaling and delivering your integrations faster with SmartConnect.

eCommerce integration is critical to delivering profitably through online channels.  Truly connected shops integrate shipping management, email automation, order and inventory management, mobile apps, ERP and their CRM.  As you think through your strategy, SmartConnect is the platform tool that will let you connect all your most important apps and allow you to make changes quickly.

WooCommerce + ERP + SmartConnect = Happy Accounting, Sales & IT Teams

Reducing manual entry, eliminating redundancy and saving time are priorities for every good accounting team and for a more efficient sales.  IT teams are constantly challenged with how to answer requirements and to find ways to support business goals with an approach that is lean, secure and agile.

SmartConnect lets you accomplish these things with a configurable interface, many ways to connect to your data, and the options to handle your unique requirements as you synchronize and automate.  Some of the most common ERP and WooCommerce Integrations connect:

  • Customers
  • Sales Orders
  • Shipments
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • And, Custom Data.


Woo Commerce + Microsoft ERP:

Check out what eOne can do for WooCommerce integration with Microsoft’s financial accounting solutions.

SmartConnect for WooCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

SmartConnect for WooCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from WooCommerce, so you can generate data at the right time in the right place.

  • Integrate as a source or destination with all standard and custom entities​.
  • Use WooCommerce as a part of a multi-data source integration.
  • Integrate your ERP, CRM, and Help Desk with multiple WooCommerce Stores.
  • Configure your integration when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API.
  • Error handling – get notified, review the errors, correct them and re-process your integration.

Jumpstart Your Integration

WooCommerce Integration Templates

WooCommerce IntegrationDynamics 365 Business Central Integration
WooCommerce – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
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Connect All Your Business Apps

What can I integrate with WooCommerce?

Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration

Connect to Salesforce as a source or destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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