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Simply put, if eOne’s SmartConnect doesn’t have a dedicated connection available for your business app, use the REST web services connection to communicate with your business app. REST API’s are the predominant web service model and allow you to interact programmatically with your business system while respecting business logic. ​

You benefit, because you can: ​

  • Configure your connection to your business app’s API​
  • Use the SmartConnect interface to create and manage your integration process. ​
  • Use your API connection as a source or destination.​
  • Integrate any of your business applications.

What’s in a REST web service connection?​

SmartConnect lets you configure how what you want to use when you communicate via the API of your system. You can define:​

  • Authentication to securely connect​
  • Which data objects or entities may be used as a source.​
  • Which data objects or entities may be used as a destination.​
  • URL’s, Parameters & Methods (Get, Put, etc.)​
  • Response types (JSON) and Body types (JSON, TEXT, XML or URL encoded-form)

Integrating with Your Custom App Using the SmartConnect REST Connection

Why Representational State Transfer (REST) are cool

Simple & Easy to integrate

RESTful applications can be easily integrated in the web as they use HTTP methods in URL’s. This is a simple way ​

JSON data formats are supported

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data formats can be used and imported as a connection to SmartConnect.​

Secure way to communicate

Communication occurs through the transport layer (SSL) & message mechanisms.​

Reliable and scalable

Interactions with REST API’s are stateless and caching are built into the protocols.

Business logic respected

API’s and web services let you respect the business rules of the system when you pull data and generate data.

Technical Highlights

  • Import JSON file so the connection setup.
  • Create REST service definitions or import existing REST definitions for use as a connection.​
  • Design REST service definitions that access a specific portion of an API or create entries for every endpoint.​
  • Specify entities and methods to use as a source or destination.
  • Export any created REST service definitions for use on other instances.

Looking to deliver a repeatable offering?

SmartConnect is perfect for the case where developers and 3rd-party ISV’s want to bundle apps together and deliver a repeatable integration solution.  You’ll be to template your integration offering and be able to customize them where it’s required without custom code.

  • Import/Export your connection to your REST API.​
  • Re-use source definitions among integration processes.​
  • Duplicate maps to jump start the next integration process build.​
  • Import/Export full integration processes to use as templates for your next integration.

Jumpstart Your Integration

REST Web Services Integration​ Templates

Magento IntegrationDynamics 365 Business Central Integration
Magento 2 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
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WooCommerce IntegrationDynamics 365 Business Central Integration
WooCommerce – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
Shopify IntegrationDynamics 365 Business Central Integration
Shopify – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Connect All Your Business Apps

What systems can I integrate with my cloud applications?

ShipStation Integration
ShipStation Integration

Integrate with Shipstation as a source or destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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