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Popdock Data Source

Advanced Filtering & Multi-Data Source Integrations.

Getting the exact data set you need sometimes requires finesse. If you need to go deeper than the native SmartConnect query engine or even get data from multiple data sources, you can use Popdock as a data source.

How It Works to use Popdock as a Data Source

  1. Build your list in Popdock​.
  2. With a couple clicks in-app, enable the Popdock list as a Popdock API.​
  3. In SmartConnect, add Popdock as a connection and select your Popdock API endpoint.

Why Popdock?

Popdock makes getting to the right detail easy, even when it’s complex. ​

  • Get data from 60+ data sources.​
  • Combine your data from multiple companies and/or sources with options to merge, join and compare.​
  • It’s user friendly and requires little or no training to use.​


Connect All Your Business Apps

What systems can I integrate with Popdock?

Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Data migration and integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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