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ODBC OLEDB Integration

Extract, Transform & Load from an ODBC or OLEDB connection to your data.

For some applications, the best way to get data is via an ODBC or OLEDB driver.​  ​Many good systems have an ODBC or OLEDB connection for you to use in your SmartConnect integrations:​ Intuit Quickbooks On-premise, Access Databases, SQL Databases, MySQL Databases, Oracle Database, Microsoft Excel and more.  SmartConnect will let you connect to these apps and generate new data where you need it.

“If you have a connection to a system, and know how to get to the data, we should be able to read that data as a data source.“

Sr. Integration Consultant, Mark Anderson​
eOne Solutions

SmartConnect toolset is your answer to:

  • ​Configurable integration with Flexible Mapping & Task Steps.​
  • Trigger your integration to run at the right time– real-time, on a schedule, manually, or by calling the Smartconnect web service to run an integration.​
  • Transform data formats between systems.​
  • Deliver your integrations in a way that is easy to maintain and upgrade.

Technical Highlights

Data integration using ODBC & OLEDB integration via SmartConnect

  • Connect to applications that have an ODBC and OLEDB driver.​
  • Use the SmartConnect Query Builder with only the friendly table names to link multiple tables together as a data source.​
  • Use advanced filtering on your source data.​
  • Use ODBC/OLEDB as a part of a multi-data source integration.​
  • Run tasks in SmartConnect to run a processing step (script or functions – we have a library) interacting with your database.​
  • Run your integrations when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or real-time options available.

Connect All Your Business Apps

What other systems can I integrate with?

Dynamics GP Integration
Dynamics GP Integration

Connect to Dynamics GP eConnect and non-eConnect data as a source and destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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