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Magento ERP Integration

Custom data integration with Magento 2 without the custom development.

No business fits exactly into a “cookie cutter” offering, yet organizations who go down the path of delivering their integrations via custom development find themselves facing several challenges: bottlenecks around resourcing, expensive delivery and reliance on the developer who may leave their company one day. 

SmartConnect is a toolset that addresses these issues by letting you deliver your integration with low or no-code while giving you plenty of options to handle the unique things about the way you do business.

SmartConnect for Magento 2 eCommerce Integration

eCommerce integration is a must-have in today’s world in order to achieve efficient sales, on-time order fulfillment and provide a great customer experience.  With the SmartConnect toolset, you’ll:

  • Save time by automating processes that don’t require a human touch.​
  • Keep all departments informed with the right information in the right place by integrating your accounting, sales, marketing, shipping, inventory, support, and other line-of-business applications.​
  • Be more agile. Integrations are configurable.  Your IT team can make changes as you need to without reliance on your developer.
  • Have simple and predictable pricing to help you deliver your integration on-time and on-budget.

Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from Magento 2 using SmartConnect, so you can generate data at the right time in the right place.​

  • Integrate as a source or destination with all standard and custom entities​
  • Use Magento 2 as a part of a multi-data source integration.​
  • Integrate your ERP, CRM, and helpdesk with multiple Magento 2 Stores.​
  • Configure your integration when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API.​
  • Error handling – get notified, review the errors, correct them and re-process your integration.

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What Can You Integrate Magento Integration With?

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Salesforce Integration

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