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File integrations

Files + SmartConnect = Integration anywhere.

Data exports are common and native file import templates usually don’t cut it.

While file import templates in-applications are pretty common, the ability to import a file and map the columns in a way that non-standard to the template isn’t.  SmartConnect fills this gap.  Take your file format and generate data where you need to.

Integrate via Flat File Export & Imports

For some applications, the best way to integrate data is via a File Export & Imports.

Automate with SmartConnect to deliver all your file integration without code.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • XML
  • TXT
  • XML
  • QUERY​

Use Files as a Source

  • ​Schedule the integration to get the files from your local file location.​
  • Trigger the integration get the files real-time, as soon as the file is created in that folder.​
  • Run your integration in bulk on your source.

Files as a Destination

  • Send to File Location​
    • With options to specify headers, date/time, and overwrite.

Run Files as Tasks

Processing Steps to Help you Cover Your Full Scenario.

  • Run a File​
  • Delete a File​
  • Move a File​
  • Copy a File

SmartConnect toolset is your answer to

  • ​Configurable integration with Flexible Mapping & Task Steps.​
  • Trigger your integration to run at the right time– real-time, on a schedule, manually, or by calling the Smartconnect web service to run an integration.​
  • Transform data formats between systems.​
  • Deliver your integrations in a way that is easy to maintain and upgrade.


“After we saw how successful the first two maps were and how fast SmartConnect is, I started to look at some of our other integrations (built with IM). I decided since it was so easy, I’d have the RSM team tackle two more integrations for us. Within a few hours, they had replaced two more maps to integrate txt files from two different business segments – 1 of those with intercompany transactions – into accounts payable.” ​

Continuing, Braun Hari expressed her plans, “the speed alone is a factor with SmartConnect and makes it worth us spending a little time moving all our Integration Manager integrations to SmartConnect very soon.”​

Rachel Braun Hari,
Vice Present of Finance Operations​
Cross MediaWorks

Technical Highlights

Data integration using local file and folder integration

  • In, upload your file to use within your integration.​
  • In SmartConnect on-premise, point to your local folder & file location.​
  • Connect to your local folder and file connection path.​
  • Suport for Excel, Text (CSVDelimited, TabDelimited, PipeDelimited), XML, & XML Query formats.​
  • Use your file as a part of a multi-data source integration.​
  • Run tasks in SmartConnect to run a processing step (script or functions – we have a library) interacting with your database.​
  • Run your integrations when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or real-time options available.

Connect All Your Business Apps

What other systems can I integrate with?

Dynamics GP Integration
Dynamics GP Integration

Connect to Dynamics GP eConnect and non-eConnect data as a source and destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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