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SmartConnect Addin Excel & Import

Pull Data into Microsoft Excel and Push Data Anywhere.

(Almost) Everyone loves & is familiar with Microsoft Excel.  Make it an easy experience for your business users to push data where they need it and let SmartConnect do the heavy lifting to generate the data and ensure it’s in the proper format.

  • Need to quickly import data from your event to your CRM or marketing tool?
  • Would your accounting team like to click a button to push journal entries or transactions into their financial system?
  • Looking to let users add items and push updates to your online shop and related systems?
  • Want to take data from Excel and update custom and standard fields in your destination application?
  • Working with a non-standard Excel format compared to native import templates included in your system?

SmartConnect has you covered.  It’s a simple experience for the end user to “Get Data” or “Run an integration” just by clicking a button in Microsoft Excel.

The SmartConnect Add-in for Excel

Eliminate the need to copy and paste between multiple applications and provide easy experience for the end user to update data immediately.   Take full advantage of Excel’s data manipulation and with the SmartConnect Add-in for Microsoft Excel, get data and push data where you’d like.

Manage your business data without leaving Excel:

  • Mass update your business application (your accounting system, CRM, inventory, marketing and more.)
  • Go beyond native templates that are offered in your business app and import to more fields and entities in your systems.
  • Create standard templates for your team to use as they import data.
  • Inherit permissions from the user role associated with your integration.  Security roles and permissions are enforced.
  • When you import data, know what data succeeds, errors and be able to re-process after you fix the data.
  • Use Excel’s powerful native options to work with your data.


Many of our users utilize the Excel add-in, which was a huge selling point for us. They just complete their Excel template and click integrate to push that data into GP or open up SmartConnect and run the map,” says Kyle Malone.

– Dynamics GP Administrator & Lead, CGB Enterprises, Inc

Technical Highlights

  • In, upload your Microsoft Excel file to the app or use the FTP location as a source within your integration.
  • In SmartConnect on-premise, point to your local folder & file location.
  • Run your integrations when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or real-time options available.
  • Use the SmartConnect Add-in for Excel to get data, get columns, and to run a SmartConnect integration.

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Microsoft Excel Integration & the SmartConnect Add-in Templates

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What other systems can I integrate with Microsoft Excel?

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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