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Integrate your Dynamics GP eConnect and non-eConnect data, without code.

Remove the reliance on your developer and let SmartConnect do the heavy-lifting for your next Dynamics GP integration project.  SmartConnect provides configurable and flexible integration options to handle the details for your unique business processes and needs.  It’s an automation tool that let’s you generate data, wherever.  Connect Dynamics GP to your existing systems, and have the ability to use your most important data – via eConnect, eOne’s Extender, data created as an integration node from eOne’s NodeBuilder, 3rd party ISV nodes, and pulling direct from SQL.

Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from Microsoft Dynamics GP using SmartConnect, so you generate data at the right time, in the right place.​

  • Use GP as a source or destination for any integration.​
  • Use GP as part of a multi-data source integration. ​
  • Integrate with multiple GP companies and include logic.
  • Run your integration when you want: manually, scheduled, on a change to the data or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API. ​
  • Access a full library of pre-built integration and data imports, built specifically for Dynamics GP.​
  • Use SmartConnect Query Builder to:​
    • Read GP data available via eConnect, SBA, Extender, SmartLists, 3rd Party nodes, and nodes created with Node Builder.​
    • Easily link multiple tables together (with friendly GP table names).​
  • Create and/or update data in GP while respecting the business rules contained in GP.​
  • Generate that “Next Number” for GP Objects with the GP Rolling Column.​


Before SmartConnect was in place, this was all done manually and was taking an extreme amount of time. The whole process from start to finish was eating a few days for at least 2 people. Now, with SmartConnect, we’re down to minutes a day for these orders.

– Blake Miller, IT & Network Manager at Frame USA

Fill Microsoft's Gaps

Our team understands the in’s and out’s of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It has been what we’ve lived and breathed since the Great Plains days. We know where GP is great, and where it needs extra help. SmartConnect is the best answer when you need to integrate to or from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Sales Transactions​
Integrate sales transactions with ease; handle both headers and lines in one call. ​

Fast Imports​
Faster imports to Dynamics GP than Integration Manager. ​

Process Automation​
Handle the full business process integration with the use of data transformation options, tasks and error handling.

Flexible CRM Integration​
Integrate with D365, Salesforce, Zendesk and more. ​

Error Handling​
Receive notice, review errors, correct them and re-process your integration.​

App Integrations​
Integrate with other cloud apps using eOne’s REST web services connector. If there’s an API for your app, there’s a good chance you can configure a connection to it in SmartConnect. You then have an interface to quickly create and manage your integrations to your app.

Jumpstart Your Integration

Dynamics GP Integration Templates

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ShipStation and Dynamics GP Integration
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Connect All Your Business Apps

What systems can I integrate with Dynamics GP?

Zendesk Integration
Zendesk Integration

Connection to enable the use of Zendesk as a data source or a destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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