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CRMConsultant: Still using a devloper for integrations?

Dynamics 365 Sales Integration using SmartConnect:  Easy to Configure.  Simple to Manage.  IT Approved.

Growing companies use systems for their own operational needs and to really know their customers, an integrated CRM is essential.  The challenge for most companies is how to achieve this.  The reality is coding integrations is expensive, native import and integration offerings are limited, and many integration platforms require a lot of technical resources to build and manage.

There is a better way.  Use SmartConnect when you need to generate data – integrate, migrate and automate.  SmartConnect is a flexible and scalable toolset to connect your business applications, files, databases and API’s without code for your projects now and in the future.

Roll everything into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales:

  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • …Everything.

And deliver better sales and service.

Why eOne SmartConnect? Our tools fill Microsoft's gaps

  • Ensure you’re able to handle the full business process automation through your integration with the use of data transformation options, tasks, sequencing integration processes and error handling. ​
  • Integrate Sales Transactions with ease being able to handle both headers and lines in one call.​
  • Fast imports to Dynamics 365 Sales with templates that may be customized.​
  • Flexible Dynamics 365 integration with your other business apps (of many types – Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Zendesk…just to name a few.)​
  • Error handling – get notified, review the errors, correct them and re-process your integration.​
  • We back our products, customers, and partners, so you’re well-supported.


SmartConnect, even when first released years ago, quickly became a solution we could use for integrations that were previously undertaken with lots of coding or using SSIS. SmartConnect has opened a new market for consultants to build complex integrations through the front-end and provided customers with a more reasonable return on investment on the solutions they select.

– Mick Egan, ERP Practice Lead at Nexon Asia Pacific

Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, so you can generate the data at the right time in the right place.​

  • Integrate as a source or destination with all standard and custom entities via web services..​
  • SmartConnect provides advanced filtering on Dynamics 365 Sales source data.​
  • Use Dynamics 365 Sales as a part of a multi-data source integration.​
  • Incorporate Business Processes (Advanced Messages) from the Dynamics 365 Sales API.​
  • Integrate with multiple Dynamics 365 Sales organizations and instances.​
  • Configure your integration when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API.​
  • For integrations on incremental changes, use SmartConnect’s changes only integrations or event-based triggers. The changes-only option allows you to run your integration on only the changes since the last scheduled run. The event-based triggers allow you to use real-time CRM plugin triggers to run the integration based on create, update or delete of a Dynamics 365 Sales entity.​
  • Access a full library of pre-built integration and data imports, built specifically for Dynamics 365 Sales.

10 ways SmartConnect solves your CRM business needs

  1. Break down the silos and integrate your most critical sales, accounting, marketing, and support data for your team.​
  2. Integrate Dynamics 365 Sales with any system when you configure custom integration connections to API’s of systems that are not standard integration points.​
  3. Ensure data formats are transformed between Dynamics 365 Sales and your other apps.​
  4. Run as many integrations as you need for system synchronization, month-end reports, lead and event data imports, and more.​
  5. Integrate configurably, so it’s manageable when your needs change or you upgrade.​
  6. Reduce your manual entry.​
  7. Enhance data quality among systems.​
  8. Perfect your integration for your unique specific process.​
  9. Deliver your integration without code & remove the reliance on custom development.​
  10. Deliver your integration on-time and on-budget with simple and predictable pricing.​

Connect All Your Business Apps

What systems can I integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft Excel Integration & the SmartConnect Add-in
Microsoft Excel Integration & the SmartConnect Add-in

An easy end-user experience to integrate Excel with anything.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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