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D365 Field Service Integration

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service work orders, invoices, accounts & more.

Powered by SmartConnect, technical consultants, CRM administrators and savvy business users can integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service with virtually any business application.  Given the challenges field service companies face, some of the most common integration scenarios include Dynamics 365 Field Service with accounting/financials to automate work order and invoice fulfillment, shipping & inventory integration and helpdesk ticket integration.

Technical Highlights

  • Integrate as a source or destination with all standard and custom entities via web services..
  • SmartConnect provides advanced filtering on Dynamics 365 Field Service source data.
  • Use Dynamics 365 Field Service as a part of a multi-data source integration.
  • Incorporate Business Processes (Advanced Messages) from the Dynamics 365 Field Service API.
  • Integrate with multiple Dynamics 365 Field Service organizations and instances.
  • Configure your integration when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or call a SmartConnect map to run via the SmartConnect API.
  • For integrations on incremental changes, use SmartConnect’s changes only integrations or event-based triggers.  The changes-only option allows you to run your integration on only the changes since the last scheduled run.  The event-based triggers allow you to use real-time CRM plugin triggers to run the integration based on create, update or delete of a Dynamics 365 Field Service entity.
  • Access a full library of pre-built integration and data imports, built specifically for Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Better together: Dynamics 365 Field Service with Your Accounting System

Most common master data and ongoing integrations include:

  • Customer/Accounts​
  • Product Catalog​
  • Inventory​
  • Price Lists​
  • Currencies​
  • Territories​
  • Warehouses​
  • Invoices ​
  • Purchase Orders



“Field technicians don’t necessarily go to a branch office frequently, so being able to push and pull data from them is really important,” says Courtney Jandou, Business Analyst, Oscar W. Larson Co.

– Courtney Jandou, Business Analyst, Oscar W. Larson Co.

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What systems can I integrate with Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Dynamics GP Integration
Dynamics GP Integration

Connect to Dynamics GP eConnect and non-eConnect data as a source and destination.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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