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FGI Eliminates Tedious & Redundant Data Entry. A Business Central and Concur Integration.

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SmartConnect has exceeded my expectations and saved our staff a lot of time moving data from Concur SAP to Business Central.

Richard Wong, Controller

FGI is a global leader in the s, equipping companies with the tools they need to expand and grow. FGI has two principal business units, FGI Finance and FGI Risk, providing clients with flexible and customized lending and risk mitigation solutions designed to support international and domestic growth.

They utilize Dynamics 365 Business Central as their enterprise resource planning solution as well as SAP Concur as their expense management solution. Knowing integration would eliminate tedious and redundant data entry between those systems, the FGI team began looking for a solution to integrate Business Central and Concur.

“We had to input everything manually into Business Central. Even though Business Central has a way to import certain information, it was still a manual process,” said Richard Wong, Controller.

Realizing this would be very time-consuming, Fong began looking for a solution to automate the process. “We wanted a connector that was efficient and ready to go,” said Richard.

Unfortunately, the first application they began testing was not fully operational. This led FGI to look for a different solution. They found SmartConnect and watched a recorded demonstration. “It was very detailed and very informative. And it was very clear that SmartConnect would satisfy our requirements,” said Richard.

The biggest factor in their decision, Richard said, was the simplicity of SmartConnect. “It’s just very simple. You click a couple of buttons, upload your Excel file. You can control when you want to connect and you can modify the files if needed,” Richard said.

“SmartConnect has exceeded my expectations and saved our staff a lot of time moving data from Concur SAP to Business Central.”

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